We are a group of  Malaysians who are very concerned about the massive deforestation that is occurring in Sarawak. This deforestation  is caused by two activities: (1) the uncontrolled  commercial exploitation of Sarawak’s rainforests for timber (only about 5% of unlogged primary rainforests remain),  and (2) the rapid conversion of these logged forests into industrial oil palm plantations.

We consider the timber and palm oil procurement policies of importing countries to be  important tools for encouraging exporting countries to adopt more sustainable forest management practices. Taiwan is the third largest importer of Sarawak timber.  It also imports palm oil largely from Malaysia – in 2013/2014, palm oil comprised 37.7% of Taiwan’s net vegetable oil imports.  Therefore, we have set up this website to share with the Taiwanese and Chinese reader about the information of deforestation and its environmental and social impacts in Sarawak. This includes translating news, reports and research studies from English publications. We also report on other development issues that have impacts on the environment and local communities including large dam construction and industrial pollution.